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Garnett Hot Yoga – Cheyenne’s Little Yoga Studio with Character

Cortney Osborn is the owner of Garnett Hot Yoga, whose passion is the yoga and has been doing it since she was 12 years old. She has been working at Gold’s Gym for quite some time before moving into her own space, in which she can make the decisions and really make the space available for those interested in yoga.

Cortney really believes in keeping the space available and up to date as well as making the business her own as well as inviting for all those interested in Yoga. She also enjoys personal training since she has a certification in personal training. She also provides nutrition as well as personal training for those interested in that personal training.

The toughest thing in recently starting with Garnett Hot Yoga was the location and getting the space available that worked for what was needed, specifically the heating aspect since a new building would do better for that, which is what she found.

Cortney would change her start in terms of confidence, because she has been working hard, and that the process in opening the studio was not as difficult as she thought it would be. Being more confident would have helped her move forward quicker.

Many of the people that have been looking for Garnett Hot Yoga have seen it through social media and that has been the difficult part in keeping up on and responding to her new clients. She really wants to let those know that she wants you to come and try her studio even if you cannot get through to her via facebook since she is working hard to keep the studio full and available to her current clients as well as new clients.
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With personal training, Cortney really likes to go slower and build a foundation with her clients to ensure that they can continue on the path into the future. She really wants people to understand her process and build the relationships with her clients.

Many of those that have been to her studio currently has been through word of mouth and she wants to continue to move forward and break into the social media and get more of you to try out hot yoga into the future.

In the near future, she wants to build up her studio by hiring some new instructors to provide even more yoga opportunities for those interested in yoga. She currently is the only yoga instructor and eventually wants to open another studio in another location outside of Cheyenne. By trying out Garnett Hot Yoga you will be supporting a great small business that just opened and is looking to provide the best experience possible with a huge emphasis on relationships.

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