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R & K Custom Designs, LLC – Your Local Done Right the First Time Contractor

R & K Custom Designs is owned by Randy who has a passion for working with his hands and making things look great. He really enjoys the vintage look and can really restore your old vintage style in your home. He has worked with a variety of contractors in his past and really wanted to give back to the community. Starting in June of 2018 he figured that he wanted to change the contracting scene since there were not enough contractors to go around and complete the work.

Aside from the experience, Randy wanted to start the business because of the amount of work that needed to be done as well as the quality of work that was being done. R&K Custom Designs does things right the first time to the quality that you want to expect from a larger company. He strives to keep people happy with his work and eventually wants to get into building custom homes.

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The most difficult thing that was difficult in starting the business was the biweekly tax and understanding the books of the business. He also worries about getting started and continuing to grow. From the work that he showed me, I believe that he will continue to grow and people will love his work. He also says that in Cheyenne it is difficult to find quality workers.

Randy and his wife are continuously attempting to learn what people want, doing research on what people want and being prepared for installing those things.

Randy said that you should try his business because he does it right the first time and guarantees his work for 1 year and he will come back and fix it on his time. He really wants to ensure that his customers are happy with the work that he completes.

Much of the advertising has been conducted on Facebook and many of you have probably already seen his work on Facebook and his wife reaching out to set up appointments with you.

Randy wants his business to grow to a size where he can obtain the requirements for foundations and be able to build those custom homes for people, which he knows how to do from previous licensing, which is different in Wyoming.

In our spotlight series, you have seen a variety of home-based businesses and people that rely on relationships. Check them out and help them grow by hiring them for your next job including R&K Custom Designs.

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