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Rooms to Bloom – Cheyenne’s Premier Interior Decorating and Home Staging Company

Julie owner of Rooms to Bloom passion has been designing since she was a child. Rearranging furniture along with painting and picking the correct color has been in her bones since a young age. She feels passionate about colors and that if a room is set up perfectly it will help your soul be more at ease. A design has a way of helping bring out the best in her along with her client’s happiness.

Rooms to Bloom started 9 years ago in 2009, prior to this Julie was doing things for family, friends and acquaintances. She has done work for the likes of Senator Thomas before starting her business. She has done a lot of commercial property work along with many residential properties. The staging got hooked after having lunch with a friend when a real estate agent asked her to do it. After staging a home for a friend helped sell her friends home very quickly and then she was hooked.

Julie has a passion for interior design and sees a huge need for it into the future. When she goes through it and does her thing many of her clients say they don’t want to move because they love what she does for them.

For Rooms to Bloom the most difficult thing in starting the business was the cost of furniture. Julie stated that all of the furniture that she has she owns. Running a business is also difficult because the design comes easy, but the business part is difficult. She understands that having difficulties is a good thing where she has learned how to run a business better.

She says that if she had to start from scratch she wouldn’t do anything different. She also states that it has gotten easier in 2018 than when she started, because of HGTV and other media outlets. The main thing she wants clients to know is that it is not instant and takes time especially when it comes to interior design because you have a rapport to build and a process to take in order to develop something that they will love. As compared to home staging where it is a blank slate and she can go in and do her thing, which is amazing by the way, just check out the work she has done.

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Julie says that she would never suggest herself over any other home stager or interior designer, but what makes her different is her relationship with her clients and providing the service that they need. She is the out of the box style and understands that every home, client and need is different.

Julie firmly believes that keeping a community of interior designers and home stagers is great for the community and has been a huge mentor and works well with all of the other designers in Cheyenne.

Many of Julie’s clients come from word of mouth from all of the clients that she has worked with in the past. The internet has helped her early on in her business but not much anymore.

Julie is happy with where her business is currently, but dreams of having her business grow to a point of hiring designers and having employees, unfortunately, the resources are not available at this time. Julie is going to continue to work for clients in Cheyenne and the surrounding area and possibly expand when things are right.

Check out her phenomenal work designing the interiors of homes along with staging homes to sell them. She has earned Wyoming Business Reviews Stamp of Approval for her work within the community and that she wants everyone to be able to afford interior design and the staging of a home.

She also stated that with the changes with HGTV and designing is that it has become cheaper because costs have decreased.


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